Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Hello card - My first card-making video!

Hi! Today I have a new card to share with you along with its video making! Yeeeahh! 😊

There are many reasons why I love card-making. One of them is that each card is a small project that can be finished quite quickly. Of course this holds if you have already decided what you are going to create and everything goes as planned! The second reason is that there are many different styles of card to try making and thus you can never get bored with it! There are also several techniques to try, learn and keep it if you like it or not.

For this card I use embossing (with embossing powder) & ink smooshing techniques, which I really like for card-making.

Here are some close-ups of the card:

You can watch the whole card-making video of the card at my Youtube channel:

Hope you like it! Thank you for watching! 💖

Supplies list: 

* background stamp: Floral Fantasy, My Favorite Things
* embossing ink: VersaMark
* embossing powders: white, WOW - gold, Zing!
* Tombow markers: #623, #725, #025
* die: Painted Hello, Simon Says Stamp

Friday, 28 July 2017

Long time no see! - My projects up to now

Hello, welcome to my blog!

If you've been visiting my blog previously, it certainly is "Long time no see!".....
In my last post I have written about some new crafting areas that I've been exploring (like Junk Journals), and some ideas and sneak peeks of things that should follow...but...saddly nothing has followed! This is where the quote "God laughs at those who make plans" matches perfectly...

So, plan A (all that I have written in my last post) went really wrong due to reasons beyond crafting. Junk journals in the form that I have started making them at that time is over for me for now. Maybe in the future I'll be able to get back to them, but this time isn't now. If you were interested at my first Junk Journals, I can only link you to my youtube channel where 2 of them (a big one and a smaller one) are presented, here and here.

Ok, now what about plan B, you may ask.

Well, plan B is that there isn't a plan B (at least one that I would dare to write about), but since I have been making some crafts like cards and art journal pages, I really want to post them even though there are prior to now. So here are some photos of some of the projects I've been up to:

Happy birthday Card: 

Junk Journal:







Christmas Card (inspired by Kristina Werner design):


New Year (2017) Art journal page: 

 Take 5 challenge #1 art journal page:


Take 5 challenge #2 art journal page:

Card You're a Star:

Mixed Media BookMarker:

Hope you like my projects! Thank you for visiting my blog!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

News & a whole new paper crafting area...Junk Journals!!!

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

I know it's been a long time since my last post, but I was up to many new things for me and I was trying to learn them all together and time passed so quickly! 

Well, what was these things? First of all, I "discovered" a whole new area (for me) of paper crafting and I have fallen for it !!! This new area is called "Junk Journals". If you are not familiar with it you will be wondering right now just as I did when I first met the term...(what is that thing?!) Well, there are many ways to interpret the term; for me right now these are Journals that can be made from junks, all kind of paper junks, like junk post envelopes, old magazine papers and anything that is paper junk!, or Journals made to hold some junks that we (I) all keep just for the memories of daily things and life (for example, cinema or theater tickets, travelling tickets, leaflets, packaging papers, etc) & of course our journaling of them (I mean of our memories)! 

The area of Junk Journals is huuuugeee! I have found some really amazing groups of people making them and helping beginners with all the basic stuff, and I have met some really great girls there! I have also found many blogs & shops & searched for everything needed to make them, all the tips, and techniques and tricks and I will certainly share all this gathered info from my blog! I have also made my first junk journal !!! Yeaaaahhhhy! I'm really happy for that!

And after making my first junk journal, the second thing that I had to learn came along...the proper way to share it! Junk journals can't be easily shared with photos as they usually include many pages and taking pictures of all the pages and posting them is just not possible. So you have to video-shoot their flips to make a complete share of them. Thus, I had to learn to video shoot my journals! Ok, video shooting isn't very difficult but if you want to make some decent videos you have to edit them. And that is the third thing that I had to learn...how to do video editing ...and that is not so simple! 

Well...after all that time up to now, that I have spent between learning things for junk journal making, and video shooting and video editing, I think I have managed to find my ways for them. I'm definitely not an expert in any of these areas, I'm still a newbie and I have lots and lots of things to learn, but I feel that I can share some of the things I have learned up to now. 

So, if you're interested in any of these, just stay tuned to my blog! 

My next post will be my first junk journal and some how-to's for junk journal making...so here is some sneak peeks!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Card - Time to Celebrate!

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

It's been a long time since I last posted a new project (although I've been making them!) and I feel totally out of rhythm here! But...I hope that it will all come back to me and that I'll manage to post everything new that I have. 

Today I have a new card, which combines some of my favorite techniques, like ink blending, embossing, use of vellum and a seam binding bow! It is quite easy to make, and it is a card that can be used for many festive occasions like birthdays, name days,  anniversaries, graduations and more!
So, if you like it don't hesitate to try making it!

For the background, I used the background stamp with embossing ink and then I embossed it with golden embossing powder. Then, I used three distress inks (mustard seed, wild honey and aged mahogany) to create the ombre effect using the Ranger's round ink blending tools.

I cut a strip of vellum to use as banner, I stamped my sentiment with black archival ink on the vellum and embossed it with clear embossing powder. I've placed it on my background panel, folded it over the edges and adhered it at the backside. This way the glue doesn't show through the vellum. 

Then, I made a double bow with seam binding ribbon at matching color and adhered it on the vellum banner.

Finally, to embellish it a little more, I placed some pearl gems close to the sentiment. I adhered the main card panel to a white card base and my card was ready! Quite easy, isn't it?!

I hope you like my new card. Thank you for visiting my blog, I'll be happy to get your comments!


Friday, 5 February 2016

Happy new year & happy February!

Dear friends, hi!

I know that I'm a total month late but I've just popped in to wish you all Happy New Year and happy February!

January was a month full of extra obligations for me & unfortunately I didn't have the time and mood for blog posting. However, I did manage to create a little bit and I'll soon share my creations with you, so stay tuned!

I'm also experimenting on video-shooting my creation processes, which is really fun as I'm not a crafting expert (not even close!) and many funny & grotesque things happen when I'm shooting. I hope I'll be ready to share my videos with you soon. 

Until then, I wish you all a really happy and creative February!!!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Mini Canvas - Merry Christmas!

Hi! Welcome to my blog and happy holidays!

Today I have a truly festive mini canvas to share with you! This is my first mini canvas, I really enjoyed making it and it didn't included any intricate painting at all! So if you want to make your own canvas without painting, this is one quite simple way!

I started by adhering 'soft' paper, like tissue paper and old book paper pieces at all the edges of the canvas, from the front to the back side. This helped to cover all the white space of the border of the canvas and make it look complete at the end. To do that I used gel mat medium between the paper and the canvas but also on the top of the paper to have a perfect coverage. 

For the background I used some paper pieces and I made a collage with them covering all the canvas surface. Again I used gel mat medium under and over the paper pieces and left it to dry completely. I also used some chevron and music notes washi tapes and some stamping to add interest to my background. Then I painted over the collage with watery white paint to tone down the background colors.

(click on the photos to zoom)

After it was totally dry, I used a stencil with some painted modelling paste and added the bubbles at some areas of the canvas. I wanted the bubbles to look gold so I mixed the modelling paste with some gold distress paint. But as my modelling paste is white, the gold paint color wasn't so bright metallic gold as it finally looks but it rather had a mustard shade. To make it look gold, I left the paste to totally dry and then I used the same gold distress paint with a brush to color the dried paste surface. It finally turned out GOLD! 

For my Christmas tree, I die cut scalloped circles of different sizes from a collection of papers with festive colors. I distress painted the papers edges, crinkled them to add dimension to them and put them together to the three different sized flowers. I added I gold gem to their center, made some shadow on the canvas with brown distress ink and glued the flowers on my canvas in a tree shape. To make the tree trunk I used some thick twine which I painted on top with some brown ink. 

To embody the tree and its colors with the background, I used watery distress paints and added a little bit of red and green colors to some areas of the background. Finally, I cut some stars of different sizes from a scrap paper with beautiful lettering. I distressed their edges with distress ink or glitter and I adhered them on the canvas using some golden string to make them look like hanging for the top and some foam tape.

For my quote, I used die cut letters from a black paper with small white patterns. 

Well that was my first mini canvas, I really enjoyed making it and I hope you like it! I think that mini canvases are a great idea for embellishing the house (this one for the holiday season!) and can be a beautiful gift for family and friends too!

With this mini canvas I participate to December's Challenge of the Pinterest Inspired Challenge blog
This challenge blog shares awesome inspiration ideas from the Pinterest and you can find it here! Check out this month's inspiration photo! Isn't it GORGEOUS?!!!

I also participate to the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge "Just a Pinch" as my mini canvas has just a pinch of gold shimmer and glitter which I really love for the season holidays, and to the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge "Die Crazy" as my first mini canvas is full of die cuts!!!