Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Photo Album 1 - purple & fuchsia

Hello & welcome to my blog!

Today I have a handmade photo album to share with you. 
The idea of a handmade photo album came to me after watching a video on youtube 
from the amazing Jen of Eve Designs for making brag book baby, which you can find here. You can even buy some from her etsy shop here!

My album is handmade, as the covers are recycled packaging boxes. cutted in proper dimensions, glued together and then covered with beautiful patterned paper and embellishing 

The pockets for the photos are made from A4 document folders, which were cut and binded together in 3 signatures with fuchsia ribbon. Each signature holds 6 plastics folded in half, which gives us a total of 36 photo pockets (for photos of size 10x15cm).

Here is a closer view of the front inner cover...

and the back inner cover.

The paper that covers the spine is hand painted with acrylics, so as to match the covering paper colours. I punctured the spine with my crop-a-dile and used two eyelets to enhance the points where the ribbons pass through the cover. I tied the 3 ribbons from the signatures into bows.

And here is a closer view of the back cover. I love this purple-blue patterned paper and the combination with the fuchsia ribbon!

I hope you like my photo album and be inspired to make yours too! I've made this first one as a sample and for my home but I believe it is a great idea for a gift, and I'll surely make some more for my family and friends. So, there are more photo albums to come! 

I would be happy to get your comments or if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them.

Have a nice day and be creative!

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