Saturday, 27 December 2014

Art Journal Page - My Angel

Welcome to my blog & happy holidays to all!
I wish you are having a really great time as a totaly new year is about to come!

Today, I have a special art journal page to share with you, "my angel"! "My angel" is the result of an exiting free course that a have taken, called "Art, Heart & Healing" which is offered by the amazing Tamara Laporte! Tam is one of the most talented and kind people I've ever met through the internet and I'm so glad that I have found her. Art, Heart & Healing is a GREAT course that really helped me to open my mind and heart to art and its healing part and, as I'm quite new to it, to develop my skils a little bit more. You can find Tamara's art here and all the information about the Art, Heart & Healing free course right here.

"My angel" expresses a healing & helpful power that reminds me of what I really need to be happy and, most importantly, to be open to receive it!

Here is a closer look on my angel's face...At last, I've managed to draw and paint a face that I really like! I know it is not perfect but I like it...!!!

The wings feathers were initially sketched with a pencil and then they were covered with modeling paste (using a size 5 rounded brush) which gave them a great texture.

The texts were written with a white Sharpie pen and for the angel's halo and the shimmering dress (which really doesn't show in the photos but is in real view) I've used a metal pearlescent acrylic paint.

I hope you like it! I'll be happy to get your comments. 

Wish you all a 


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