Monday, 15 December 2014

Ready to GO! - Photo Album 2 - Reddish and beige

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So today, as I have promised in my earlier post, I have another new handmade photo album to share with you! This album has totally different colours from my previous one, but the making technique is exactly the same. You can find my previous photo album post here. And, you can find the instructions for making such an album in the video here, from the amazing Jen of Eve.

This time, I have choosen a paper with a sentiment for the cover page, as this album is made to be a gift! Also, I have embellished it with small pearl gems instead of using a ribon.

This is the back cover page...

Here is the inner front cover page. You can see some photos already placed in the pockets, they fit perfectly!

And this is the inner back cover page, with some empty pockets showing.

Finally, this is the spine where I have used two golden eyelets for the holes, and the ribbons, holding the pocket pages, are tied into one beautful bow. The paper that covers the spine is again hand painted with acrylics, to match the colours of the covers.

I believe it is a great gift idea, a beautiful and easy to make handmade present! 
You can even give it to your parents with your photos in it, as is my case here, and then it is a double gift for them!

I hope you like it & that you will try it yourself! 

Thank you for visiting, be well and be creative!

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