Friday, 18 September 2015

Mixed Media - The story of my Quirky Birds!

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Today I'm sharing with you my very first lesson on drawing and mixed media, which is Quirky Birds, by Tamara Laport! I love Tam's lessons, as she communicates her art lesson in a so relaxing, peaceful, understandable and joyful way, that she always makes me feel so well!

The plan for this lesson was to make (in mixed media) on an accordion paper, some quirky birds(!), which will pass a message to yourself on happiness and joy, through one of your favorite songs or poems, some quotes etc. 
I chose the song: "Dream a little dream of me" by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong (click here for the song's youtube video!). And these my version of her quirky birds!

(click on the photos to zoom)

The first one is a bit scary king owl, isn't it?! lol! But then again he reminds us of the shinning stars and the night breezes!

I think the second one is a cutie! And she could be singing in the sycamore trees!

The third one, is a wise, beauty owl that suggests to leave all worries behind! She is wise so I will listen to her!

And the fourth one is a sweet bird-princess that's gotta keep dreaming, and so will I!

Well, I really love these quirky birds' story! 
For the lesson, we could either draw our quirky birds on the back side of the paper or do something different, and so I thought about it and I felt I really needed to write the lyrics of my song! Thus, I painted the background with acrylics, I embellished it with stars and flowers, made my "quotes" as titles and I've written all the lyrics of my birds song!

(click on the photos to zoom)

You always have to remember, "STARS ARE SHINING BRIGHT"....

So you have to "KEEP DREAMING"!!!

And creating!

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